Episode 36

E36 - Introducing WithAI FM™ with David Brown

In this episode, podcast host David introduces With AI FM™ and discusses the plans for the network's expansion into different verticals. He explains the need for specific conversations in various industries and the intention to find professional hosts for each show.


  • The With AI FM Podcast Network is being launched to accommodate specific conversations in different verticals.
  • Professional hosts will be sought for each show to ensure in-depth discussions in their respective fields.
  • Sponsorship opportunities will be explored to support the network and its shows.
  • The network aims to cross-link shows and potentially incorporate more video content.

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Tools we use and recommend.

Riverside FM - Our remote recording platform

Music Radio Creative - Our voiceover and audio engineering partner

Podcastpage - Podcast website hosting where we got started


00:01 - David Brown (Host)

Hello, welcome to the Creatives WithAI podcast. I'm your host, David, and today we're going to talk about the WithAI FM podcast network.

Okay, so I know I've talked about WithAI FM a couple of times over the past few weeks, actually, and I just wanted to do another show on it because we're now starting to record episodes that hopefully will go into a launch later this quarter. So, I'm looking to release some new shows in those particular channels by the end of March, but I need to make sure that we have episodes recorded and that we have people lined up so that we can keep fresh content in those channels going as we move forward. So it'll be a real challenge to try and manage Creatives WithAI, along with Women and with Education, which are the two channels I want to do first.

So, just to recap, the idea behind the With AI FM network is that through doing all the Creatives WithAI podcast shows, I've realised that there are a couple of specific topics that deserve their own conversations, and so I really want to make sure that we can have those discussions and give them enough time and enough attention because I think they're important. And so the first two channels that we're going to roll out are going to be Women WithAI and Education WithAI.

Women WithAI is hugely important, and I've said this across many of my episodes because I think that the new AI generative AI and a lot of the AI tools that are coming out now are going to have an outsized impact on businesses and fields that were traditionally heavily female, and I'm concerned that what's going to happen is that, as the AI eats into that, it's going to have an outsized impact on women in the workplace. So I think we need to have that discussion and we need to think about how this works. I also think that there are some discussions around bias and ethics and some other things that feed into that, but I also think that I'm maybe not the best person to lead that discussion. I think it needs to be led by a woman, and so I'm looking for a woman host to have to run that podcast and to set the tone for the show, to help decide what the topic should be in the direction that we want to take that my media company, Futurehand Media, will help source guests and to help manage the process and to do the editing and all that sort of thing on the back end, but I really wanted to be a female lead show, so that's Women withAI.


Also, I've talked to a lot of educators. I've done some career days at some schools and I've actually been back to talk to the parents as well, and there's a lot of there's a lot of concern. There are a lot of questions that people have at the minute, particularly around how AI is being used in education and how it can be used to improve education, both for teachers and for students well, and for parents as well. So I genuinely believe that that needs its own discussion and its own set of podcasts just to really dig into that. And it's going to be important again because I'm not an educator, so I'm just looking at it from a parent perspective, which maybe isn't the best way. So I'm looking for a host to host that show who can again sort of set the tone for the show, pull out the topics that need to be discussed, but that also has that professional background and is actively teaching or has very recently taught in a school, so that they have a better idea of what's exactly current and how this stuff is happening. I have a few ideas of who I think would be really good to help with that, and hopefully, over the next couple of weeks, I'll have a little bit more information on that.


But one of the reasons that I wanted to mention it now is because in setting up WithAI FM, there are going to be a few technical changes in the background. It's not going to mean anything to people who listen to the podcast, so if you're listening to creatives right now on Spotify or Apple or something like that, nothing is going to change. It's just going to be a little bit behind the scenes and things like our web address are going to change from creativeswith.ai to with creatives.withai.fm, and then all the different shows will just be under those subdomains. It'll be women dot with AI, education dot with AI, etc. Probably isn't going to make any difference to anybody listening, but anyway, I just wanted to put it out there because in case, just in case, something goes wrong and everything gets a little bit mixed up for a week or so, I just wanted to prep everybody and let you know that that's happening.


I'm really excited because I think that I really do think that these conversations need to happen and I think I found some good people who are going to help with that. The other thing is is it will enable us to go out and to get potentially some sponsorship for those shows as well, which will enable us to take the next step. And if we can get a couple of sponsors that can help us, then that's going to help us not only get, it will help us to afford some professional sound engineering, which we can will continue to do, and it will also help us potentially even get a studio space where we could start to do maybe some video interviews, and we could do interviews face to face with people instead of having to do everything remotely. And I would really like to move to that sort of an environment because I think the dynamics of sitting with someone in person would be a lot different, and I think the show would probably feel different, and I would think that it would feel better even than it does at the minute. And I think it feels pretty good, and we have some great conversations, but they are remote conversations, and remote conversations do mean that we can speak to a lot of people that maybe we couldn't get to come to London, so they're trade-offs, but I would like to get to the point where we could do some of them in person and face to face because I think that would be. I think it'd be really engaging and good for good for everybody.


So what's the next step? So the next step is basically, for the next two or three weeks, probably nothing is going to actually change. Everything's going to continue to go under creators with AI, but what you will see is I will start to put some episodes under education with AI, and I'll probably start to put some episodes under women with AI as well. Those channels, I'll set up those channels, and all of it will continue to just go out, and I'll maybe send some emails, or I'll make a comment in one of the shows when those platforms are ready. The websites are there at the minute. There's just no content in them. So if you go to women.withai.FM, you'll see there's a web page there; there's just no shows in it. Or if you go to WithAI FM, you'll see that there's a list of shows, of which creatives is one, and you'll only see any content under creatives. So, I just wanted to let everybody know that that's coming and that there are some changes coming in the background, just in case anything goes wrong.


And a short one today. I think that's pretty much everything. I am looking for hosts for both of those shows, and I am looking for sponsors for both of those shows. So if anyone in the audience knows of someone who might be good or who they think might be, or want to sponsor one of those shows, then please reach out to me.

Our new email address is cwa@futurehand.co.uk. So that's cwa@futurehand.co.uk, and that's pretty much it.

Like I said, a really, really quick one. I try to keep these updates as short as possible because I know no one's probably really interested, but I just need to get them out there and let everybody know. We do have some amazing guests coming. I have about ten people lined up for the Creatives podcast, and I even had a conversation earlier today. That's going to go out next week, and I have some amazing people coming and some great topics for everyone. So stick with us while we get everything organised WithAI FM, and we'll keep updating you as we move forward. Anyway, that's all I've got for today, so thanks for listening. Stay curious. Bye-bye.

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