Episode 30

E30 Holiday Update: What's Coming in 2024 with David Brown

In this episode, podcast host David Brown provides updates on the show and expresses gratitude to the listeners, guests, and supporters. He discusses the plans for 2024, including setting up a home studio, adding more video content, and potentially doing live episodes.

David also introduces the AI Podcast Network, a platform for AI-focused podcasts, and encourages listeners to subscribe to the weekly digest email.

He shares his vision for expanding into different verticals and creating shows with specific themes.

Lastly, David previews the next episode on the topic of AI's role in presenting truth versus fiction.

A massive thanks goes out to:

What's next for Creatives with AI in 2024

  • New studio setup
  • More Videos
  • Live Episodes
  • Mini series

AI Podcast Network

  • Bring together AI podcasts from around the world
  • Weekly Digest ←  where to get the latest Creatives with AI episodes
  • Looking for more shows → please recommend other AI-related shows you enjoy


  • Think 'radio station about AI'
  • Initial shows will include 'women', 'marketers', 'lawyers' and 'schools'
  • Looking for 1 or 2 sponsors for each show
  • Looking for industry experts for each vertical

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00:00 - David Brown (Host)

Hello, welcome to this special edition of the Creatives with AI Podcast. I'm your host, David, and on this show, we're going to talk about what's coming up in the new year, give some thank yous to everybody who supported us along the way and cover some new things like the AI Podcast Network and WithAI FM™. So, happy holidays and let's get to it!

00:24 - Vioiceover

The Creatives with AI Podcast - the spiritual home of creatives curious about AI and its role in their future.

00:34 - David Brown (Host)

next year in the podcast for:


Next, I think, are the guests. We've had 30 different people on over the last six months. I've had people I would have never thought I would get on, like Russ Shaw and some others, and people have been amazingly receptive and very willing to come on and have conversations. And particularly in the very beginning we had our first few guests. We had no track record, we didn't even have any shows published yet, but everybody stuck with us, and they said, yeah, sure, we'll be happy to come on the show, and we'll support you, and that's meant the world to me and I really just want to thank them for sort of taking a punt and coming on and supporting us. We're growing all the time. We've got a couple thousand listeners now. We're getting more and more subscribers every day. We're getting hundreds of downloads sort of every three or four days now, which is actually really, really good. So we're scaling up and very gradually growing our audience and that's amazing. So thank you to the guests again, and watch this space. We'll have a big party at the one-year anniversary, so watch your email boxes for that.


Aside from the guests, I also wanted to thank a couple of people, particularly one who's really taken the time to mentor me and help me out with understanding how to set up the podcast and the things that I needed to do, and that's Dan Kendall. He's the founder of the Health Podcast Network, but he's local to me here in Tunbridge Wells, and he was amazing when I mentioned that I wanted to start a podcast and I had some questions. He volunteered to come and meet me for a coffee and literally just went through a whole list of, "You need to think about this, you need to think about that, you need to understand your needs, you need to do this, do that, do that." His advice has been invaluable in getting the podcast set up in the beginning and also, I think, setting us up for success. And so, yeah, Dan, thank you very much for that. There have been a few other people I'm going to mention a couple of other people in a minute, but Dan really on just the mentoring side; for me, as a podcast host and producer, he's been really, really key. So thanks to Dan for that.


We need to thank our sponsors as well. So Futurehand Media, Futurehand Media spend the sponsor for the show and supports, the cost and everything. Until we have a, we have other sponsors involved. So shout out to Futurehand for that. Now we have a few partners also that I think have been key in helping us develop and get as far as we've got so far. So one is Riverside FM, which is the platform that we use to record the show, and, by the way, they'll be links to all these people and all this stuff in the in the show notes, if you want. The partner links are affiliate links. So if you do click through and you sign up, we do get a little bit off the back of that, which you know would just help pay for the show. So if you can do that, be much appreciated. But anyway, particularly Kendall at Riverside, who's one of the success managers there, she's been really, really key in helping me understand the platform, but also with great advice about how to run a podcast and how to be a better interview, or so hopefully. You guys have been listening to the show for a long time have noticed that maybe I'm getting a little bit better at being a better host and asking better questions, and if that's the case and, then Kendall probably has a lot to do with that.


I'd also like to give some thanks to Mike, Izabela and the entire team over at Music Radio Creative. Music Radio Creative does all of my sound engineering for the episodes, so they make sure, and also Mark, specifically because Mark does all the sound engineering for the show, and they just make sure that we sound as good as we possibly can based on the recordings, and I really really couldn't be happier with Music Radio Creative. They've also done the new, the new trailer. That at the beginning and the end of the show and the voiceovers and all that sort of stuff, and Mike's been a guest on the podcast, so you can look up that episode as well. But from a business perspective, in a partner perspective, they've been hugely supportive and I really appreciate that as well.


And lastly, I just like to give a shout-out to to Podcastpage, which is a specialist podcast website hosting platform. It's run by a guy named Tom and Tom has been amazing. He's offered brilliant support. Every time I've had any sort of a support issue. He literally answers me within like five minutes, and it's been amazing. So I really can't talk them up enough. So if you're thinking about starting a podcast or you have a podcast, and it's all a bit awkward, and you're tired of trying to, you know, maybe mess around with it in WordPress or whatever, give podcast page a try and see if you don't like it. I think it certainly was excellent for me when I was starting out and growing the show.


So thanks again to Tom. And I guess, last but not least; obviously, I need to thank my family and my wife for being so patient and listening to me bang on about podcasting and AI incessantly for the past six months. I'm sure that it's not her favourite thing to talk about, but she's very patient with me and listens to me talking about it all the time. So, honey, I love you, and thanks for your patience, and also to my son who's done a little bit of help on the backside, helping me with show notes and stuff like that as well. So thanks to him for that and also for listening. Right, that's all the thank yous out of the way.


ind of what the plans are for:


But after that, I think the idea is that I'll still post the audio-only versions of the podcast on all the podcast platforms, but I'll also post a video on YouTube. So, if you would rather watch it and listen or just listen, you'll have the option to do either one. I've had probably 50/50 feedback from people on that. So half the people think, no, I just want audio only, I don't care anything about watching, and the other half are like, no, I really like the video. It's more engaging.


We like to see you having the conversation, so I'm going to try, and I'm going to try and make everyone happy, although we all know that you can never make anybody happy any at the time. So, along with the video stuff, that's going to happen as well; if I've got the setup and I have a more controlled environment, that also means that I might try and do some live episodes as well. So I think that could be quite fun, particularly if it's sort of during business hours and it's during the day and people might have the time to sit and do it. I could either do it live on YouTube or I already participate in some live shows on LinkedIn using their live tool, which has been quite interesting and it seems quite easy to use, and obviously it then saves that and people can go back and listen to it later. So I think I might try some live shows just to kind of see how that goes. So if anybody in particular is looking to come on and wants to try it and see how it goes, let me know. I'm sure you'll be able to find me on socials or something like that.


The other thing I like I've been thinking about doing is and this was based off. Some advice from from Dan is to maybe run some mini series on specific topics. So I was thinking about doing something, maybe talking about LLMs, for example, or the different types of AI, and it could be just my. The idea is to do sort of six to eight very short, 10 minute bite size Episodes that really dig into the technology. So it might be how it works what are the legal things, what are the ethical considerations, blah, blah, blah and and set those up and then run them for a variety of topics, and those will be content that can just be updated as the technology changes or as the laws change or anything like that, so those can always stay fresh, but they'll be there for people kind of is evergreen content just to listen to anytime, and those would be bonus, little bonus mini series. So I want to do some of those this year as well, and I think that's it. I mean we have I've already got some amazing guest lined up. I'm recording this just before Christmas and at this point I have about 10 people lined up for January already. So you know what? I've almost got three months worth of shows there. So yeah, it's, it's looking pretty positive for early next year, and I have some amazing people on the list, so I can't wait to. I can't wait to tell you who those are going to be when we get closer to the day. Yes, that's going to be good.


I think that's it just for for the high level, one of the other things that we're part of. So I've always wanted to set up, and I've had this idea about the AI Podcast Network. So that will be a place and a website where people can come and you can find information about not just creatives with AI, but a whole variety of AI focus podcasts, and the idea is is I mean, I just reach out to different people running AI podcast. I asked them if they'd like to be on the network. The first thing I'm doing is just bringing some together. So at the minute, I think there's eight different AI related podcasts that are on the site. So if you just go to the website and you look, every time somebody posts a new episode, it just comes on the list, so you can go to the website. You can see that anytime.


The other thing that we do though that's tied to that is I do a simple weekly digest email and it's literally just hello, everybody, here's your weekly digest boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. And it just lists out the new podcast that have appeared in the past seven days and just a simple link so you can click through. You can choose the ones you're interested in or not. At the minute that's just all of the podcasts, because there's only eight of them, so there's not that many. As we move forward, I'm gonna start to categorize all of them into different categories. So my you know, whatever the area focuses I might be legally focused, or some might be marketing focused or whatever. So if you're only interested in one topic or area, you'll be able to select which mail you want to get and then you'll only get the episodes that are related to that topic. But at the minute it's just everything because there isn't that much of it.


If you want to be part of that and if you want to subscribe to that, just go to podcastnetwork.ai, and again, this will be in show notes. So if you look at the show notes you can just click on it. But yeah, podcastnetwork.ai scroll down to the bottom of the page. There's a sign up form. There just need a name in an email address. There's no, what we don't do any advertising. We're not gonna try and sell you anything and we don't share anybody's information with third party, so you don't have to worry about that. It is literally just for this weekly digest. So, yeah, please, please, go along and support the show. That way, the more subscribers we get to that email list, the easier it will be for us to get sponsors for the platform, which is ultimately what we want to do, because once we have some sponsors, then the sponsors will be able to reach out directly, you know, and, and, and. We'll be able to put some sponsor names in there and stuff like that, and you know it will be a good way for them to communicate, and it will also be a good way for us to get some revenue to help pay for the show, which is the most important thing. So, so, yeah, so that's coming, that's actually there in life, but we're gonna add more and more shows, sorry.


The other thing is is that from doing the Creators with AI podcast obviously I've touched on a lot of different topics along the way, so we don't specifically just talk about creatives and we don't just interview creatives I think it's more for people who are creatives to listen to different people to kind of think about different aspects, but what's become really evident is that I think we need specific shows for other verticals other than creative. So you know, one of the big ones is education. I've talked to a lot of educators. I want to talk to a lot more educators and people working in schools, because I think the I think the potential for AI to help students and to help make education better is massive, but that deserves its own channel to have specific conversations about that. So I want to set that up so we'll have "Education WithAI." We'll have "Women WithAI." That's another topic.


I still believe and I know I've said this on the show before, but I still believe that I think AI is potentially going to have an outsized effect on women in the workplace, because a lot of the tasks that the new sort of Chat-GPT's and the large language models are very good at doing tend to be in women dominated industries, and so I think we need to have specific conversations around that. So I've had some. I've been involved in "Women with AI" here in the UK. I've had some, been to some amazing events and had some amazing conversations and you know I've had loads of women on the show in the past and I will have more in the future.


So I want to create a platform with shows and those different verticals. So it could be marketing, could be legal, could be women, could be education, could be creatives, could be whatever. So creatives is obviously the first one of that, but what I'm calling it is "WithAI FM™". So if you think about like a radio station that has different shows that are on all the time with a different focus, that's exactly kind of the idea that I want you to have in mind, and the way I'm planning to roll it out is I'm looking for hosts and sponsors. So I want to get sponsors who are companies in those verticals or who have a significant interest in those verticals to sponsor the show.


I would really only like one or two sponsors. I don't want to have any more than that. I think if we get more than that, then it just turns into an advertising nightmare and that's not what we want. We want to have engaging conversations. Yes, we need to have sponsors and we need to. We need to get a little bit of just a little bit of money in to cover the costs and that sort of thing. So we are looking for sponsors, and what I also want to do to go along with that is I'm not going to host all those.


What I really want to have is I want to have people who are experts already in that industry, who have their own networks, they understand that industry inside and out and they can lead more engaging conversations. Because I know nothing about the law, for example, I would not be the person to host legal "Lawyers WithAI." I'm not the right person to do that. But if I could find somebody who was a lawyer, who worked in that space, who was maybe using AI or at least had an interest in it, then I think they would be a much better person to host that show. So that's what I'm looking for.


g and what we're planning for:


So thanks for that. Don't forget to support the show, please, by subscribing on your favorite podcast platform, whether that's Apple Podcasts, it could be Spotify. We're on YouTube, so we're on YouTube music. If you want to listen to the podcast there, if you have a YouTube music account, or if you just look at the YouTube channel, then we're posting videos and shorts and clips on there of the show as well. So we've kind of got bases covered on both sides. So hopefully that covers everybody. And also, please go and subscribe to the email list on the AI Podcast Network, which is podcastnetwork.ai, because the more people we have on that mailing list then the easier it's going to be for us to get sponsors and stuff in the future. So I think that's everything for today.


Next week, just before Christmas, I have another conversation with my friend, Mike Nemirovsky, and I just wanted to have a nice casual conversation, but we're going to talk about. We're going to talk about, in theory, how we want AI to work, and should it just be? Should AI be a reflection of the world as it really is? So it looks at the data. It sees biases, the way the biases are, or do we want AI to present some slightly modified version of the world, the way we think we want to see it? So do we want AI to give us fiction or do we want AI to give us the truth? And so that'll be the context of that conversation that's coming up next week. So in the meantime, everybody have a happy holiday season, don't have too much fun at your company Christmas parties and yeah, and we'll catch you next week. Thanks, bye, bye.

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