Episode 9

#9 Exploring the Future of AI in Creative Industries with John Caswell and Nicole Yershon

Have you ever wondered how AI will shape our future? Or how it might replace certain aspects of our work? This episode brings together two brilliant minds in business and AI - John Caswell and Nicole Yershon. John, an artist turned tech entrepreneur, and Nicole, a marketing maven who pioneered bringing businesses into the 21st century, share their unique journeys and insights on the evolving role of AI in our industries.

From the creative fields to business analysis, AI is not just a tool but an assistive partner that amplifies our capabilities. John and Nicole open up about their experiences using AI to generate insights and advise clients while debunking misconceptions about AI replacing creatives. They also explore the power and challenges of AI in generating presentations and revolutionizing creative design. But with great power comes great responsibility, and they delve into the complexities of establishing an ethical framework for AI that respects varying values across different regions.

Our dynamic duo doesn't stop there. They envision AI creating new industries in hospitality, leisure, and free time. We also get into the recent tech developments, like Apple's announcement of the Apple Vision Pro, and speculate on how these developments could revolutionize the way we work. This episode is a deep dive into the potential of AI as an assistive tool in business and how it might change our lives in ways we can only begin to imagine. Join us on this journey into the future of AI in the creative industries and beyond.

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