Episode 6

#6 Unleashing Creativity in Filmmaking with Artificial Intelligence with Alex Stolz

Can AI revolutionise the film industry and take creativity to new heights? We explore this fascinating question with our guest, Alex Stolz, a filmmaker passionate about innovation, working on projects related to film marketing, distribution, and incubation. From his journey of working in cinemas to the UK Film Council and the BFI, Alex shares his experiences with AI in film and raises crucial concerns about its role in creative industries.

As we discuss the democratisation of filmmaking through technology, we dive into the power of tools like Unreal Engine and Unity in empowering creators. Motion capture and virtual worlds are transforming the way films are made and marketed, and we examine how machine learning algorithms can expedite the editing and post-production process. We also touch upon AI-generated screenplay drafts from books, although the technology still grapples with producing tension in scenes.

Join us in this captivating conversation as we delve into the ethical considerations of AI becoming more prevalent in the film industry, the potential impact on entry-level jobs, and the creative process. We ponder the challenges of bringing novel, original ideas to the table and the necessity for champions to ensure these stories are heard. Get inspired as Alex shares his experiences with his incubator, working to bring new stories to market and transforming filmmakers into creator-entrepreneurs.

You can find Alex on

Website: Future of Film

Twitter: @alexstolz1

LinkedIn: Alex Stolz

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