Episode 5

#5 The Importance of Staying Calm with Victoria Usher

Victoria Usher is the Founder and CEO of GingerMay, a multi-award-winning strategic marketing and PR consultancy with offices in London, New York and Berlin. 

In this show, we touch on: 

  • the hysteria building around chat GPT and how it can be taken out of context;
  • the importance of looking back at other technologies and how they have been adopted in order to move forward with AI;
  • the need for a paper trail when using AI;
  • how this may affect the artistic and creative experience of making and consuming art; and
  • how AI can be used to detect bias in language and promote gender equality. 

A former data analyst and agency CMO, Victoria founded GingerMay to help businesses improve their reputation and commercial performance by clearly articulating their brilliance.

She has received international acclaim for her work in the PR and communications sector; was named "PR Communicator of the Year" at the Marketing Awards, "Industry Leader of the Year" at the PRCA Awards and "Entrepreneur of the Year" at the global Stevie Awards.

LinkedIn: @VictoriaUsher @GingerMay 

Twitter: @VictoriaUsher @TeamGingerMay

Website: www.teamgingermay.com

[00:02:19] PR built on data.

[00:04:19] AI and Media Databases.

[00:08:38] Artificial intelligence and its development.

[00:11:09] AI's rapid development.

[00:14:48] The Future of Jobs.

[00:18:32] Creating a "brain".

[00:22:54] Interacting with AI-generated content.

[00:26:27] AI revolutionizes data analytics.

[00:29:23] Trusting AI creations.

[00:34:39] Legislation for AI technology.

[00:37:03] Reducing bias in job descriptions.

[00:40:15] Bias in language and AI.

[00:45:07] Job displacement due to AI.

[00:48:22] Copywriters losing work.

[00:51:29] AI and language production.

[00:54:46] Future of robotics and AI.

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