Episode 4

#4 with Alex Burton - The Role of AI in Defending Western Values

Alex Burton is a retired Royal Navy Rear Admiral turned defence consultant who discusses the role of the military in defending Western values and how AI fits into those strategies. He discusses the difficulty in justifying military conflicts to the public and how the events in Eastern Europe and Ukraine have highlighted the importance of national security. Alex also explains how AI can enhance military capabilities and the ethical considerations that come with its use.

Overall, the conversation offers insights into the intersection of military strategy and technological advancements.


00:01:30 AI in defence and ethics.

00:09:29 AI supports ethical military decisions.

00:15:19 AI can support effective decision-making.

00:24:20 AI can be used for evil.

00:27:40 AI in defence needs regulation.

00:32:25 AI in defence: potential risks.

00:40:17 Importance of explainability in AI.

00:50:45 Technology requires aligned allies.

00:51:05 Anticipating something massive in the news.

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