Episode 24

#24 Exploring the Power and Potential of AI in Mental Health Care with Simon Fothergill

Can artificial intelligence be the answer to the critical mental health crisis our young generation is facing?" Join us as we sit down with Simon, a renowned expert in the intersection of sports science, machine learning, and AI, to explore this intriguing question. Simon and his team are creating a unique, non-judgmental, and always available mental health support system through conversational AI with a focus on addressing generalized anxiety in adolescents.

But how secure are these AI conversations? In this fascinating chat, we examine the critical components of privacy and security. With our expert, we'll shed light on how AI companies can use best practices to protect user data. We also discuss the power of transformer-based large language models, the need for identity federation, multi-factor authentication, and anonymity.

The importance of data privacy, bias in AI, and AI regulation are also central to our discussion. We scrutinize the implications of PII data, the need to identify dataset biases, and the importance of transparency in how data is used. Simon also walks us through the challenges of regulating AI, particularly in medical devices, and more importantly, ensuring AI behaves professionally and abides by the same rules. As we wrap up, we also venture into the exciting possibilities for AI learning, the naming of AI assistants, and the noble cause of providing free therapy sessions to those in need. Tune in for a lively and informative conversation that merges technology and mental health in an unexpected but promising way.

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