Episode 2

#2 with Zach Katz - Reimagining Urban Planning with AI

In this episode of the Creatives with AI podcast, hosts David Brown and DeeDee Wallace speak with AI artist Zach Katz, the creator behind the Twitter account @BetterStreetsAI.

Zach uses generative AI imaging tools to transform cities into more pedestrian and cyclist-friendly spaces. He advocates for safe streets and has led several successful campaigns in Portland, Oregon, revolutionizing the urban landscape. David and Zach discuss the democratization of urban planning, using AI to create compelling visions of the future and living life in Amsterdam.

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[00:00:33] AI artist creating livable cities.

[00:05:19] AI transforming cities.

[00:09:18] Democratizing urban planning.

[00:13:17] E-bikes revolutionizing US cities.

[00:13:48] AI and city planning.

[00:17:11] Traffic and road closures.

[00:21:02] Urban Planning and Design.

[00:23:28] Car-free streets in cities.

[00:27:08] AI Urban Planning.

[00:31:06] The decline of hat makers.

[00:33:47] The Future of AI.

[00:37:50] Post-money society.

[00:41:08] The future of money.

[00:44:44] Future of job security.

[00:49:01] Impact of AI on creativity.

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