Episode 17

#17 The Five Pillars of AI Ethics with Sherin Mathew

In this engaging dialogue with Sherin Mathew, CEO and founder of AI Tech UK and Smart Ethics, we journey through his transition from building his first robot to pioneering in the IT space and ultimately developing the concept of Smart Ethics.

We navigate the intricacies of ethics and their global variations while discussing the impact of technology's accessibility on our ability to define ethical standards. Sherin provides valuable insight into the importance of human rights as a foundational principle in AI and its significance in our increasingly digital world.

As we continue our conversation with Sherin, we tackle the implications of AI on our personal data and intelligence and he emphasises the need for consciousness and vigilance as we surrender our intelligence to AI.

Listen in as we examine human biases towards AI and the unsettling lack of control we experience when decisions are made by computers or bots. Sherin offers his perspective on how autonomous vehicles can potentially decrease road accidents and fatalities, and we also discuss the five crucial pillars of AI governance and design to ensure ethics.

In the latter part of our chat, Sherin and I delve into the ethical aspects of AI development and the significance of governance. We highlight the necessity for a different level of governance for AI compared to traditional software and the potential implications of ignoring AI governance today. The future of AI and its potential impact on society is also a focal point of our discussion, considering three possible AI scenarios and how they could shape our world. Finally, we touch on the Smart Ethics framework, designed by Sherin, and the importance of an ethical framework in AI development.

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