Episode 15

#15 AI: The Race Against Time - Balancing Progress and Potential Catastrophe with Joep Meinderstma

Join us for a captivating discussion with Joep Meinderstma the Founder of PauseAI, as we navigate the complex world of artificial intelligence and grapple with the concept of the alignment problem with AI, essentially ensuring that AI systems accomplish what we intend. We'll also analyse how quickly AI is progressing, as illustrated by the startling advancements of GPT-4. This conversation aims to shed light on the broader implications of having a system that excels at intellectual tasks and how things could potentially go wrong.

Tune in as we question the possibility of solving the alignment problem and discuss the challenges of agreeing on ethical standards for superintelligence systems. We take a closer look at the concept of a federated model and ponder the potential risks of AI technology, drawing comparisons to significant historical events like the dropping of the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You'll hear us explore the 'tech bro problem' and its possible implications for the future of AI.

Finally, we bring into focus the debate between AI ethics and AI safety and the role media coverage plays in shaping perceptions about AI existential risk. We'll critique how AI is portrayed in science fiction movies and the dismissive attitudes of AI companies towards the risks involved. You'll also hear about Sam Artman's views on the economic opportunities of AI and the need for regulation.

We wrap up with a thought-provoking conversation on the potential superiority of AI over humans, the necessity of global governance to safeguard humanity, and how individuals can contribute to slowing down AI development. Listen in and join us on this enlightening journey through the world of AI.

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