Episode 14

#14 Exploring the Allure and Challenge of Artificial Intelligence with Keith Smith

Join us on this intriguing podcast episode as David converses with Keith Smith, a seasoned professional with an impressive sales and business development background and, more recently, podcasting related to creative agency landscapes.

Weathering a derecho and venturing into the artificial intelligence (AI) world, he discusses how AI has helped get over 'the blank page syndrome' by generating unique ideas and assisting with post-production tasks. While AI has its benefits, Keith also highlights the importance of the human touch in content editing, artwork generation, and making aesthetic decisions. In this episode, they discuss a myriad range of topics: - How could AI's ability to replicate voices impact the music industry? - What is the future role of AI in DJing, and could it replace human DJs? - How will AI's automation of many human tasks impact jobs and the economy? - Will society turn into a heterotopia with AI fulfilling the necessities of life? One highlight of the conversation is Keith's insight on AI and its future role, "We have to roll with this. We have to accept that it's coming and we can't fight it". This and many more fascinating takes on how AI is navigating our lives, its ethical implications and even its impact on creative forms like photography, music and much more are explored.

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