Episode 11

#11 Navigating the Intersection of AI and Education with Dr Steve Watson

Welcome to the Creatives with AI podcast! This is a show where we share insights about the future of artificial intelligence and how it will affect the lives of people working in the creative industries.

On today’s show, we chat with Professor Steve Watson from the University of Cambridge, where we touch on

  • the transformative role of AI in education, particularly its potential to personalise learning, promote inclusivity, and assist teachers in creating better test questions and designing curricula;
  • the changing dynamics between teachers and students in the era of digital revolution and the debates on the purpose and form of education;
  • the potential of AI in decision-making within the educational sphere, supporting diverse teaching and learning styles, and fostering critical thinking; and 
  • how AI tools like Grammarly are transforming communication.

Dr Steve Watson, an Associate Professor at the University of Cambridge, focuses on Large Language Model AI's impact on education. He co-chairs the Faculty's Knowledge Power Politics research cluster and serves as Associate Executive Editor for the Cambridge Journal of Education. He uses methodologies like Social Systems Theory and Phenomenology to explore media, policy, education, and teacher professional learning.

His engineering and educational studies degrees are from Cambridge, the Open University, and Nottingham. He holds a Postgraduate Certificate of Education from Sheffield, worked in retail, telecommunications, and taught mathematics before academia.

As always, links to Steven’s profile and social media will be in the show notes on our website at creativeswith.ai.

Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy this educational conversation with Steven.

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